New Blog, New Link!

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Hello!! and Welcome back!

So, basically, I am now on my last year of Uni and I am starting off with a new and fresh blog so please, please, please follow this link if, you wanna follow my process, projects and other stuff through out this year. 😀

Thank you!


CIP Presentations DONE!

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And finally, yesterday we had our last CIP presentation. It is to be proud, for one more (really hard) year accomplished. It was good to review some faces and it was quite fun the atmosphere in the Accelerator. Sad that Emma wasn’t around which I find her a really nice person. (more…)

Final Book_Collection

Finally, the book was sent to Blurb. I am really anxious because the deliver will only be here by the 22nd which is a mess because that’s the date of my hand-in.

Hopefully it will arrive on time due to hand in being only until 3pm.
It has been two stressful weeks, trying to have everything ready, and the idea that I have no control under this order, freaks me out.

If not on time, I will have to print the book at home and some how put it together. Unfortunately, that would not be a very nice visual but at least, I will ‘tick the box’.

If you wanna have a look at it, please do at: