Dramarama _ Independent Study Visits (Task 1 Part I)


The other day, I went to visit some inspiring exhibitions.
First Stop – The Paper Aviary lands in St James’s Market. – A place with over 100 multicoloured tropical birds made with paper.

I fell in love with this place due to being right in the busy and noisy streets of London however, in the moment that you step in the square floor that designates the exhibition, you forget you are outside. You see birds and hear birds and even though they are not real, everything seems pretty real due to the birds’s song. 

What are the materials, colours, shapes and props?

  • Obviously the material is paper, as the title of the exhibition shows. The colours used are very exotic and tropical, it is a multicoloured show.
  • Shapes are very geometrical, separated from each other and then putt together, building the artistic birds.
  • Regarding the props, I could say it was more used in a artistic way so maybe the patterns drawn on each bird, which let each one get an individual identity.

There was also a bird house for each colour.

Is there Sound or lighting?

  • As I referred before, there was this lovely sound that would make me ‘travel’ to a tropical place along with those creatures. The sound was an extra and brilliant point for the paper birds come to live. The light was perfect too. Even though there was daily light, each box would have a warm light that played with shadows and made the colours contrast more.

What else makes it feel immersive?

  • I believe my passion for this paper bird exhibition has already shown why and what makes it immersive. Again, something so simple as paper, that can, in my imagination, become live.

How have these elements been used to express an idea or a brand?

  • “This exhibition is an homage to that sense of wonder and explores how today, when it comes to fashion, life imitates nature.” – This phrase is taking from a website that explains the birds installation, so I believed it is to show how inspired they were by the local area and fashion.

Feeling of the installation in 3 key words:

  • Magic, Tropical and Calming

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