Dramarama _ Independent Study Visits (Task 1 Part II)


Second Stop – The Lego Shop – A super interactive place that I never thought I would take so long in it.

I fell in love with the playground top floor and realised I was already building some toys.
There were people outside, in a queue already and the staff is super friendly and interactive. 

What are the materials, colours, shapes and props?

  • Obviously the material is legos.
  • Contrast colours that go together.
  • Shapes are very geometrical, separated from each other and then putt together, building the toys such as characters or places or objects.
  • Regarding the props, I could say it is an amount of imagination that can build any prop.

Is there Sound or lighting?

  • I good vibe is felt in the shop with the music and the friendly staff. Warm light and attractive colours.

What else makes it feel immersive?

  • It is amazing how imagination and creativity can be played around for hours in that place! How kids and adults get amazed and how developed legos are since my age. Today you can even make your own face in lego! Which costs you around £100 but I believe it must be super awesome!!

How have these elements been used to express an idea or a brand?

  • Maybe showing that creativity does not have limits.

Feeling of the installation in 3 key words:

  • Playful, interactive and fun

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