CIP_Kickstarter 2nd Part Market Ready


So this last Thursday and before our Easter Break, we were given our last brief of the year in the CIP class: Online Kickstarter Campaign. The second part from the Market Ready Brief.

Back to our previous group, we reunited and shared our concerns and good things, less good and dislikes on the last brief. This was really great because we feel that we did a lot in such a small amount of time however we were not very happy with the outcomes. So we are going to leave what we really think it works and work it even better!

We have given each individual a task:

We also shorten the name of the brand: Creative Infusion (Before) ; Infusion (Now)

…and changed logo.

Before and After:

Each individual, as you know, has a different tea flavour and will be designing the inside of the logo in its own way. This means that the logo design will remain the same to all but every person from the group will have the chance to show their own style individually.

Here are some examples Sasha made so everyone get the idea of this logo group and individualism:


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