Café for the Future_Brand Movie

17342180_10212229601565954_1972777919_oSo this Friday, Ricardo was the tutor on our Inventivity Studio.

We started by sharing our choices, ideas and designs in this brief and then draw a storyboard for our new task: Brand Promo Movie.

From the storyboard, we then went to scan the drawings, cutting each in PS and taking it into Premier; In my mind, I always thought that the images imported to Premier, would be the final images for a movie but importing the storyboard images, gives us a chance to understand and have an idea of how the final movie will look like. This is quite cool because it also motivates me to do proper drawings and go forward with this task!

Also, I believe that when adding music into it, the movie becomes much more catchy and interesting; as if the drawings came to life.

In another post, I will be posting the final video with the storyboard’s drawings.


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