CIP_Alyson Hurst’s Visit and Talks

17195259_10212167366730122_315351032_oSo today we had an amazing visit from Alyson Hurst, on our CIP class.
Amazing because of what she brought with her. Paper, paper and more paper.
It is pretty incredible how many types of paper you can get, some I wouldn’t even imagine.

From colours, to textures and feelings that remember us of something common in a daily life to the weight and type of paper. A wonderful variety.

A look at types of paper:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was interesting to see how a type of paper changes the way your print will look.
From mate to shiny, black and white to color, the approach is completely different so the choice of paper is incredibly important on this process.

The other half of the class was a talk about lights in photography:
The importance of lightening when photographing our work so it can then be printed.
From day light to flashlights and big lights.


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