Café for The Future; Screen_Print Workshop


Yesterday, I was super excited for the Screen Print Workshop.
It is something really satisfactory, to see prints that are made in seconds. However, there is this really boring and anxious process before any print can be made.
So the super awesome workshop day ended up by being a pretty tired day; Beside the last half an hour where I finally did some prints!

Basically, the ‘getting your screen ready’ process it’s something that really needs to be well made. Any step that is not carefully done, can ruin the entire process and that’s what happened to my first screen.
Because of that, I started my second screen by 2pm and was ready to make some prints only at 4pm.

Pics of the process from my peers:

First try on my non working screen:

Second Screen prints:

(Favourite prints in paper bags)

(Prints in paper + playing with colours)

Really happy with the results. I believe the blue color works best within my café topic (Portuguese tradition)



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