Café for the Future_Design Experiments


Alright, last Tuesday was the best studio class I had this year!
I was finally feeling like a fish in the sea; It was a day of experiments with materials and different medias! The aim is to create an image, related to our ‘café for the future’ idea so we, group B, can then use it on screen-printing.

We had to bring several images, type or newspaper to the studio, along with the materials and ‘play’ with it.

At home, I created a folder where I have kept some of the images I found related in my re-search. So I searched mainly Fado symbols related, however, with a touch of the capital (Lisbon), in it’s famous painted tiles plus a bit of type.

At the studio, I cut the images and the type I found useful:

… and started puting them on top of each other, (without glueing them) so I could then play around with the same images:

I have also tried some paint, on the side:


Then started cutting the strings of the Portuguese guitar, into a white paper.
With the help of a peer, came the idea of putting the symbols between the strings as if they were stuck because everything belongs together in a certain way.
I loved the idea and in the end even sprinkled some paint around it:

With this finished piece, I had to try and do more, so I went back to my camera and looked at all the montages I have done previously and choose the one I liked the most. Now, I could glue them together and even make a gif with it, I mean… Why not? (Gif on the top of the post). This piece was made with less elements than the previous one, however, it is much stronger in communicating the topic.


In Portugal there is an expression: ‘Não há duas sem três’ (There are no two (things) without a third one) and because of that, I had to go for a third montage.
This time, I took the full A4 tile’s image and painted it on top, (as the tiles itself are already a painted art work). From it I glued some more symbols that would contrast with the background. The final 3 pieces:



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