Sofia C_HotHouse Talk 5


Another Hot House Talk, this time with Sofia Clausse, a graphic Design in Love with TYPE!
I really enjoyed this talk, not only because of her interesting work but also because of herself, her personality. Young and enthusiastic look, amazing motivation and inspiring environment and a smile that shows how much she has enjoyed her journey!Someone that has been curious enough to travel a lot and working hard enough to be in great named companies.

From Argentina, to Portugal , America, London… It was really nice to see someone else working in our home country; I had to, I know! I had to mention my country, but it was actually quite emotional seeing her animation through the streets of Lisbon. 🙂

Sofia loves the imperfection in type, the mistakes that happen and when you have to do wrong to look right!

It was really inspiring and I need to see more of these talks! With happy people!
Thank you Sofia Clausse



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