Café Concept_Sharing our personal idea

Tuesday started off with a 5 min presentation, where each student would share their first research for task 1 and 2 as well as presenting their own concept for the Café Idea.

I decided I needed to like and enjoy myself the idea I want to create. So I thought of going a bit more personal. I wanted my feelings, of an immigrant, to talk loud and therefore my idea defends these important aspects: nostalgia, therapeutic and getting out of your routine as well as gain of skills. That’s something I look up for, everyday on this busy city. There is a lack of the atmosphere that I grew up in and I really miss my Country.
Here’s a mind map of my idea:


It is incredible to see the diversity of ideas coming from different students. Each defends a fact and some so strong you consider why haven’t you thought about it.

Even if there are hard days, I am really glad to be part of this team, of this studio, The Inventivity Studio;

Lunch time and I’m at the library. Time for Task 4!

Back to the Studio and we were put into groups; We then shared Naming ideas for each one’s café which is always fun and nice to see other’s people point of view within our café idea.


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