Café for the Future _ Task 4


Here’s my reflections on Task 4

a) 5 hard facts on my café topic idea

Even though it asks for 5 facts only, I have found a few more:
1 – The number of Portuguese looking to settle in Britain was up by almost ten thousand people, last year.
2 – Music can bring back memories (One of my important aspects for my café – Nostalgia)
3 – Music improves focus, creativity and increases our verbal IQ levels
4 – Music can eliminate anxiety
5 – Music can bring people together
6 – Music can help treat heart disease
7 -Music increases the immune system

b) Identifying a charity for the issue and by looking at their website, I needed to pick out five quotes of around 10-15 words:

‘People Dancing’ – The foundation for community dance. – Reflects community dance cultures in Uk and beyond; Encouraging dialogue, reflection and dance practice.

1 – ‘Transforming some tremendous inequalities through the power of dance.’
2 – ‘Bringing people together to dance and find their individual and collective dance voice.’
3 – ‘There’s a similarity wide – raging spirit affect in community dance.’
4 – ‘A project that encompasses the weider health issues of participation in dance.’
5 – ‘Something fundamental for the benefit of people dancing: inspiration, hope, challenge.

c) Find an animation about the topic or a video of someone talking about this issue:

This animation was pretty helpful, because while it explains how music affects the brain, it gave me some answers to the task 14 a), on hard facts.

(Illustration on the top, from Internet)


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