Term 2 Project ‘Café for the future’


So, I guess we are back ! Happy New Year to you all!
To start with, we were sent to an exhibition visit so we could be inspired by such amazing fashion creations from several artists/designers;

Task 2: Design research – exhibition visit: The Vulgar – Barbican Visit;
We were asked to get inspired and choose 3 different designs in the exhibition, from that we had to sketch them and try and capture the feelings it could transmit us, as spectators. I found this quite hard, as there were so many different styles within these fashion choices.

However, I made it through and choose the ones referred to as the following titles: ‘Too Big’, ‘Too Much’ and ‘The Shopping Centre’.  When home, I have made my final decisions, a choice of 3 different designs, the key-words to describe it and some notes;

We then had to look at examples of contemporary design on blogs such as: ‘Its Nice That’ and http://bpando.org. This was actually a pretty fun task to do and I will show you my choices just on the images below:

To me, ‘Too Big’ has perfectly connected with the ‘Nongfu Spring Mineral Water’ by Horse, UK Illustrations:


Both designs are working towards exaggeration, combining the use of nature elements as well on the subject matter and using different subjects that we would not expect, put together.
In my opinion, this is a  really playful design, with an incredible imagination and fantasy side, flashy, breathless and puffy!

‘Too Much’ connected with the ‘Belle Epoque’ designed by Mind Design

Both designs are working within a similar colour palette: white, black and coper; Both reflect a feeling that anything can happen and danger is a possibility.
There is flow on the lines and mystery.

‘The Shopping Centre’ connected with the ‘Alley-oop’, fun-filled new show by Will Bryant and Eric Trine;

In this case, I felt both designs are super colourful and it reminds me of a candy shop, which I LOVE! It feels adventurous, innovative, super fun, creative, original and diverse!

After thinking a lot, an idea for this project came up! I thought, if I would open a Cafe, what would I want, really? Then I thought, there are 2 things that really make me happy and fulfilled and so, I am looking forward to try and combine these with designs and illustrations!


‘‘Vulgarity exposes the scandal of good taste’ Adam Phillips

Potent, provocative and sometimes shocking, the word vulgar conjures up strong images, ideas and feelings in us all. The Vulgar is the first exhibition to explore the inherently challenging but utterly compelling territory of taste in fashion, from the renaissance through to contemporary design. Examining the constantly evolving notion of vulgarity in fashion whilst revelling in its excesses, you are invited to think again about exactly what makes something vulgar and why it is such a sensitive and contested term.

Drawn from major public and private collections worldwide, The Vulgar showcases over 120 stunning objects, ranging from historical costumes to couture and ready-to-wear looks, with contributions from leading contemporary designers such as Walter van Beirendonck, Chloé, Christian Dior, Pam Hogg, Charles James, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, Moschino, Miuccia Prada, Agent Provocateur, Elsa Schiaparelli, Philip Treacy, UNDERCOVER, Viktor & Rolf, Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood.’



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