Family (and friends)_HotHouse Talk 4


So last Friday we had another Hot House Talk and the concept of this one, really, captured my attention as the thing I appreciate and love the most, first of all, are my family and friends!

‘F&f is built around a real family that believes in honesty, openness and adventure!’

So this is a family of designers, a branding and packaging design team which has been working for 7 years, together, and which LOVE made it work ! And again, I love the LOVE word being so important in here.


Here’s some notes I have from their advice to us:
Love the Business;
To thrive, not just to survive;
Love the communications industry;
There are days you gonna hate it, Carry on! Be in love with it!;

‘Work is Play!’

Shape the agency around our lives! 

‘Love the TeamWork’

Good friends make good work;
Find the right people to do the right job;
Thinking, writing, designing;
Mission – ‘What’s the big idea behind the brand?’


‘Love the Clients’

Story – Using a brand pyramid
See the stuff that make you difference from an emotional prespective;

Build a Visual picture of that colours, shapes, forms…;
Story means new product innovations; Story excites and sells;


Metrics and ethics – Strong foward for designs – Creating better brands and designs;

With the amount of time you think zit’s going to take;

(F&F – Only working with brands that are ethical and that don’t damage the society)

This was a pretty cool Talk, Take a look at their website!



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