Market Ready_Final Presentation


This Thursday we weren’t meeting at our Studio. CIP class was all about the final presentation for the ‘Market Ready’ competition and that was at the Accelerator Building.

So we got there and we got to present our team ideas and suggestion so we could win a place at the christmas market. We had 3 juries and my team, ‘Creative Infusion’ was the second group to present; Presented by Rhiannon and Zara, they did it very well! They were quite funny while presenting and a good humor in a presentation, it is always a good thing!

It was a really nice place to be at and it was quite an adventure and huge thing to be there, to do that.

I believe we all kinda new which team was going to win, and we got to know who the winner was, the next day _ Congratulations ‘Neat’ team, great ideas!


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