Making a Living_Working for Yourself – how to freelance and finding business support


Second Talk of the day:

This time we were told if we want to go for Freelancer, Set up a business, Launch a product or have an idea; Accelerator offers workshops and events on:

Crowdfunding, driving traffic to your website and branding a start up.
They do a Freelance Bootcamps where these are used to: promote what you do, casting and pricing, finding clients and setting up.

Accelerator have also mentioned 3 more important learning outcomes, they do: the Big Idea Challenge, the Launch Pad and the ChristmasMArket.

Let’s now go to the TOP TIPS TO WORK FOR YOURSELF:

Working on series of contracts, with different clients;
Paying your own Tax;
Very common in Visual communications industry



By selling what you do, you should tell who you are, what do you do, what makes you different and why should someone contract you.

The portfolio should: be prepared, start now, CV and portfolio built, use amazing pictures and looking at how others lay it out.

Don't wait for the opportunity, create it!

Use network and contracts: COLLABORATE!


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