Making a Living_Crowdfunding for Creatives


Tuesday morning and we start by listening to a very interesting talk by the Accelerator members.
My next posts will contain important key points from the notes I have done.

First post: Crowdfunding for Creatives

Crowdfunding is a new way to: Launch a product, publish a book and get a project.

This can be done by the Kick Starter, a funding platform that helps creators raise money, campaigns that last 30 days, rewards are given in exchange of donation, support projects and much more…

We then had a guest, sharing his experience within the Kick Starter and I really enjoyed this mini talk.
Chris Walker: ‘I am a London based illustrator and designer with an overactive imagination and not enough time on my hands!’ (sentence taken from his website, take a look: )

Chris has show his work and also given some advices within the Kick Starter; Chris has told us what Kick Starter was not: A charity, free money, easy and a get rich quick.

And then how to get prepared to a future idea:
Talking about_ The Product: Love it, know it and convince people to love it;
_The Pitch: Why is your idea great, why is it you doing it and how is it going to be done;
_Be Prepared: Hard Work before pressing GO, Make a great content, Keep it short and to the point, Do your sums!
Last but not least:_Set Your Target: Don’t be greedy, keep your goal simple, stretch your way to the top and again, do your sums!

I can say these talks were essential however, a lot of information was given to us and to conclude:

Pitch: Quick, simple, personal and a QA format;
Pitch Page;
PROMOTE (social media);
Answer comments quick;
Post frequent updates;
Support the Kick Starter community;
Presentation is KEY;
Love your Backers;

Work Hard and Have Fun!



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