JKR Global_Visit and Talk


Tuesday morning, and I catch the train, direction: Camden!
It’s not a regular morning in the Inventivity Studio; We got to visit JKR Global.

‘(…) an independent design agency with studios in London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai. We believe that great design helps brands grow, by abandoning the generic and relentlessly pursuing the unmistakable.’

And what an amazing and inspiring place!
A place where you breathe creativity.
Even though  I’m not sure I would have the skills to work there, I really felt on staying and working for them. The Talk was incredible and full of information combined with inspiration to our projects.

While going through a presentation of such recognised brands, you could tell how much effort is put into each one. The brilliant team they must have behind every single detail and the ideas and thoughts organisation.

JKR has moved away from doing only packaging to doing literally, everything !
From working with start ups to a famous brand, they do the brand concept, packaging, packaging, advertising, video/animations, and much more.

Design has changed a lot on the last 2/3 years and they have been working for 26 years, if I am not wrong, with global icons and national treasures, as they named.

The image an agency projects of itself, it’s not always the reality, therefore, it is really important to know what does the brand stands for and what are there values.

It is really hard to get noticed nowadays, with such a competitive industry so JKR believes they are the best people to do all that because when you know what you are about and a good work is done, you STAND OUT!

There are about 120/130 people in the building and this is from experienced people to newcomers. And I believe every creative is really inspiring because we got to know two young guys and the work they have been doing is AMAZING !

I have been given so much information that I think I would do a couple of blog posts about this, however I will focus on getting a really important question that was answered by them:

‘How important is to have a brand platform before designing it?!
It is important to know what that brand is about and what does it stand for. Making it pretty is half of the job but no one will remember you because of that. So, STANT OUT from the crowd.’


I mean, they have been working with such important brands like: M&Ms, Budweiser, PG Tips, Domino’s and more! By the way, I loved the Hippeas brand idea and logo! Take a look at their website and explore all the amazing work:




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