Design and Visualisation


Today we had the first part of a workshop with Ricardo.
Morning time and we are split into our normal theme groups. Then we discussed and were given out a task to each other, however still working as a group.

The aim was to look at ways that graphics can be applied effectively. Looking at Study Cases would be the key to this response, however we haven’t clearly went to the point, we have done a great of a job!

Me and 3 other peers went outside, walked through Brik Lane and I must say, I was amazed!I mean, I knew this street was awesome but not that awesome! I am clearly in love with the place right now and it made me appreciate my Uni location even more!

It’s funny because I have walked by Brik Lane before but never looked so carefully as I did today. Looking at shops, there brands, the way they present themselves was pretty cool!


Afternoon time and we got to show what we have found and understand from the visual investigations and the outcome should then be to implement these investigations into our individual projects.


Great Stuff!


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