Christmas Market Mini_Presentation and Feedback


Today, in CIP we had (not a final) presentation but a 10 min show of how we are getting on and all our ideas to Ricardo, so then he could give us some feedback and I must appreciate how nice it is do get him commenting on our work. He is someone that will let you know your negative points but won’t let you be unmotivated because straight after you will know your positive points as well as how to get better further on; And that, keeps people engaged, I believe.

Every group had the chance to explain several points on the creation of their brand and products… 

My group (not in the pictures above, as we were presented it and I haven’t photographed us), is creating unique tea flavours and each creative person will design its packaging; We are ‘Creative Infusion’. (Follow us on Instagram)

It was an amazing and active morning. We have seen so many creative ideas and people; That is always great and I really enjoyed it!


One thought on “Christmas Market Mini_Presentation and Feedback

  1. This was a really nice read. It also acts as a way for me to reflect on teaching so thank you for that. Action your feedback and be confident on Thursday. The hard part is over (created the presentation just need to tweak) so just enjoy the experience. Well done.

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