Task 13_Typography Exploration

Type is really Beautiful and so much can be done 
within Letters, Words and Phrases.


Today we had an amazing Typography workshop.
Even though I find type one of my weaknesses and really hard to focus for such a long time as it is a really detailed and studied, researched subject matter … In the end, I love seeing the final results !

Sara took as through a PDF presentation where I got to know the Type rules as she would show some examples. I found this presentation pretty helpful and finally understood not everything that is done, just like that, works;
I mean, I have sketched some logo ideas with type this Tuesday, however I was pretty disappointed with the final result. In the end, all that is missing is really, knowledge and now I realised I have such a different view of ‘Type’ after the workshop.


So our first task was to choose a section of our ‘Brand/ Vision/Profile’ we did for our main brief and work within that paragraph. We had to find different types and fonts, uppercases and lowercases, centred text and left aligned.

Later, we got to appreciate the different tasks along with our peers and Sara, where we would discuss what worked and what didn’t work.


Next, the outcome of this task, aim to create an A3 Poster with our chosen paragraph that can transmit its message and stand out. Not finished yet, here’s my starting process:


I will be posting my final poster in a next post blog. (Hopefully, very soon) 😉


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