Task _ Logo Design

14922900_10210921949635473_730485906_oToday’s task was to focus on the Logo Design within the brand values, concept board and ideas from the previous tasks.

My main focus to this logo is the social impact the ‘Oh gee, PIE!’ wants to transmit; The idea of caring, supporting, getting and connecting people together.

So I have started to do some pretty detailed drawings which at this stage are a too detailed and I guess I ended up complicating it.I want the logo to transmit the social caring as well as the delicious pie they sell, however, and looking at my drawings, I feel there is too much going on right now.

I have chosen the visual image of a hand(s) that in my point of view are a really good tool concerning the way people care. It means touch, care, affection, and reminds me of people giving hands or cleaning up tears.

In the afternoon we got to do a quick presentation and we were given some feedback from our peers and Emily. They have agreed there is too much going on, on the logo designs and that I should go backwards on the stage I am already. Emily advised me to separate the type and the visual image to see what works on real templates sizes.
On Friday we are going to have a Typography Workshop and the advise was too play much more with the Logo Type.


My aim is to play around the typography first and then think about an illustrative image if needed.
Hopefully, I will get somewhere..


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