Pastiche1560: Wayfinding Exercise


On Thursday we have also practice for our brief ‘Pastiche 1560’, by doing a quick task to start understanding more on how to use the Adobe Premier and to explore and prepare ideas for the video editing skills.(The Key tool to our final piece on this brief).

Formed in groups, they would then be separated into two parts: the FILM TEAM and the EDIT TEAM.
Unfortunately, (I thought) I was chosen to be on the EDIT TEAM; This means, I had to edit the pictures that the FILM TEAM would capture, using the Adobe Premier.
I really dislike softwares and it is one of my weaknesses.
But HEY! Surprising as it looks, I really enjoyed having the workshop with Michele and Ricardo. I was pretty happy I understood all the learning points and I feel much closer to understanding what is asked on the brief.

This task had the aim to work together and create a short ‘montage’ sequence, with more or less 15 images, captured by the FILM TEAM to create a video with sound of the journey that was given to us.

We then had to present our short video to the class and the tutors would give us a short feedback too.

Unfortunately, our team didn’t finish what was asked, because I guess we were to perfectionist on the beginning of the video and that made us be late to the end of it.

I don’t feel we haven’t done ‘anything’; I guess the time was too short for something I just learned and we did try!
In the end, what matters is that the workshop was pretty helpful and gave me an extra motivation. Therefore, I finished the video myself, within my own approach of it. Hope, you enjoy it:


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