Manipulate Meaning: kuleshov effect

' The Kuleshov Effect is the single most important concept to editing,
if not to filmmaking itself. ' 

kuleshovLev Kuleshov was a very influenced Russian filmmaker and according to the same, the Kuleshov Effect (montage) was the Key principle that could define a film as an art on its own.

And what does this Effect relates to?

The Kuleshov Effect is really, Editing. It’s a manipulation of space or time. It’s almost like magic to the audience because the montage of two separated shots can then look like it was shot in the same place, at the same time!

After reading the article ‘THE KULESHOV EFFECT: UNDERSTANDING VIDEO EDITING’S MOST POWERFUL TOOL’ and understanding it I then decided to do an example of my own montage according to the Kuleshov Effect;

None of these montages are original, however can really relate and look real, while each can take a different meaning.

On the First montage, the character is seen driven by the temptation as well as the seduction:lou-and-man

On the Second montage, by replacing the second image, the character seems really hungry, clearly with a desire to try the plate of food:


Finally, the third and last montage, again using the exact same shot of the character but replacing the second image, the character seems to only pay attention to the expensive jewellery:


‘In each case, through the Kuleshov Effect, the audience creates and imposes their own meaning onto uninflicted individual shots.’


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