Friday morning and we (finally) have got the pleasure of doing a 1 to 1 talk with Emily.

It was a quite hard starting day for me, I guess all the tiredness of the week had finally hit me and I was really bored. I felt I could give nothing to this class but HEY, talking with Emily really helped working out my ideas, seeing that I have every task in order, however not perfectly done, to me, got me into a path of new aims.


Lunch break and back at 2pm – Task 8: Naming


The aim was to look at our paper of competitor brands, hanging on the walls, and getting them into groups into 4 given subjects:


We then had to brainstorm at least 100 name ideas for our product:

Reflecting on this names, each of us had to choose 3 favourite names. Mine got to be:
– ‘Love, PIE!’
– ‘PIEvibe’
– ‘New Leaf’


When sharing it with my group colleagues, we could tell that Symbolic and Evocative names are the most successful.
The hardest task of the day, to me, is clearly to create a tag line for each name chosen by me, but here it goes:

  • Love, PIE!; – Feels better than when you’re high.
    – Haven’t you tried? I wonder why.
    – The calories are worth it.

  • PIEvibe; –  (Haven’t figure any tagline yet)

  •  New Leaf; – A place to revive and eat Pie.
    – Revive, create and eat Pie.
    – Explore, inspire and revive

Finally and just to make sure, we were advised to go to the Intellectual Property Office to check the availability of the chosen names:
Happily, none of the names I have chosen exist already. Woop Woop!!


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