Museum of Brands


When coming out from Ladbroke Grove Station, you turn right… Straight ahead until you bump into a bank, located in the corner, turning right before the bank and again on your right hand side, you finally see the Museum of Brands.

A place where you breathe antique, well estimated.. for some, memories of a lifetime.
Packagings and their life story, a nostalgic journey from Victorian Times to the present day (where I could see some familiar brands).

We were asked to do several tasks and as I look closely and comparing the food display with the toilet products, the first thing that captured my attention is the colours!
Food products are much more colourful, the illustrations on the packaging are busier and the type is bold and flashy. The Toilet Products however, are less busy, in terms of illustration, the packaging is simple using neutral colours and you see the product, as most of the packagings are see through.

Another task has the aim of creating the two words ‘INVENTIVITY STUDIO’ so we can hang it in our studio; Each student will be assigned to a different letter and this will take to different types each letter. Emily assigned me to the letter T and as I walk through the tight walls of the Museum of Brands, I annotate some ‘T’s ideas:


Then, we were asked to type our company’s 8 brand values, each word again, in different type. These types had to be drawn as we observe the exposed brands:

I will be posting the final letter T design anytime soon so stay tuned! ;P


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