Nik Hill: His journey and his work


Thursday afternoon and we have our first guest speaker, Nik Hill, at the CIP class;
A really nice and smily person, Nik Hill is very approachable to talk to.

Nik Hill is a Senior Motion Designer, from Bristol. His art inspiration was through the Graffiti art that surround him while growing up in Bristol’s streets. However, everything ‘clicked’ one time that his mum approached him telling he pays more attention to the adverts than the actual TV shows. He then searched and applied to a course of Graphic Motions at London Metropolitan University which helped him exploring the several softwares he is using nowadays, at the Territory Studios.

This Studio is basically a studio specialised in motion design for film, games and brands.
He uses Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and after effects the most, however Cinema 4D is also a good tool in the Studio.


‘As an artist Nik has hosted a number of solo shows at galleries including Red Bull Studios, London and Weapon of Choice gallery, Bristol. Having a strong illustration and fine art background, he has developed a keen eye for composition, colour combinations and design styling. ‘

‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ (movie), was the first project to work on within the Territory Studios. Nik had to animate some 3D access. Then ‘The Avengers’ (movie), were another great project. These type of projects are a really satisfactory and proud thing to do and see afterwords, as he explains: ‘it is just crazy, like the excitement of seeing, I did that!(…) it’s unbelievable’ (…) ‘It’s mad to see the screens you’ve been designing next to Tony Stark…’

He describes his work by being such a hard process but in the end, such a great pay of.
And I believe this is what we all aim for the most, being proud of our work and paying of all the effort you made.

Nick named a particular and favourite moment he loves about his job and that is when he forgets he is working while having his headphones on and get lost while designing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 14.08.26.jpg

A real inspiration for us, students, 
as he was a London Met student before.


twitter: @nikilldesign

instagram: @nikillhill



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