Abram Games_HotHouse Talk

portrait_games2topPicture from the Internet
Welcome back to the HotHouse Talk sessions! 

This Friday (lunch time) we have done a kind of lunch-talk. Why? Because the hothouse talk session was really in our lunch break which means it’s not really a break but hey, it’s Friday and the weekend break is coming.

Abram Games (1919 – 1996) was the mentioned artist and his daughter was the one presenting his own work; I thought that Brilliant! 

14689119_10210751911064615_672391309_oPicture by Jessica

Described by his daughter, Games was a man with a strong and arrogant character, a children of Jewish parents, his hometown was WhiteChapel. His father thought him a great KEY technique; using an airbrush; that later, when becoming an artist, it has become the most used art material through his posters.

Picture by Jessica

Leaving school at 15, Games promised his Tutor to become the best poster designer of Britain; obviously his tutor laughed . The funny thing is that later, he had to apologize for laughing.

Someone that hated art colleges, have done quite a Revolution in the Posters art world. Games was the first person thinking and incorporating image and typography together.

Winner of a couple of prizes in the art of Posters, the first time Games competed (1935), won the 2nd place prize, however, as stubborn and ambitious he was, Games had to compete until the 1st place prize was achieved… and of course it was (1936).

14699514_10210751910184593_666914504_oPicture by Jessica
A Beautiful Poster, that I really liked, was really an icon in the second world war, as well as the most successful recruitment poster ever.
Really famous but let’s not go so far because it was a really polemic poster on those times and while the 2nd world war was happening ‘outside’, the parliament was discussing if the poster had to be banned or not. Unfortunately, it end up being banned…

Picture form the Internet

His aim: Get people to notice his artwork, liking it or disliking it, he wanted to be recognised and that’s what it matter.

Here’s a website I found while searching:



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