Branding _ Emily Penny


So yesterday, we had our first class with Emily Penny and brief summary.
And such excited news we had, when we got to know that we are working with REAL clients for our first brief!!
All about branding; packaging production, type, research, and much more.

So we got three choices, I mean there are three projects to be chosen on this brief:

  • A baobab super-fruit smoothie
  • A traditional american sweet-pie bakery
  • Skin-care healthy product

I still haven’t decide which one will I go for, however the options are 60% Bakery vs 40% Smoothies. I am sure I will make up my mind on Friday, when we are meeting the clients and having a talk from and with them! Can’t Wait 😀

After a short lecture about designing a product’s packaging, in the afternoon, we were given a task to interview a colleague about a subject and the colleague to interview myself. A sharing task really, where I found out about Diana, regarding skin-product’s choices.

After the interview and using Photoshop, both have created a A3 sheet, as asked in the task, with the person interviewed’s picture, favourite brand and quotes from the task. Along with this sheet, another A3 sheet was asked, with examples of any products’ type.


Finally and after being back to our Studio, we have presented the finished pieces to the peers and Emily, sharing thoughts and opinions.

A long but enjoyable day!


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