Tatiane Rodrigues

12191486_10156397827025112_2864244498283720435_n                                                                       Tatiane Rodrigues, Photo by Peter Arnell

Tatiane is a graphic-design student and proudly, someone I had the pleasure to meet last year and be friends with.
Half brazilian, half portuguese, Tati (as I call her), is my portuguese mate, in London!

In the second year of Graphic Design, she is a passionate and positive person in life.

Here’s an interview that will make you get to know Tati as an artist/graphic-dsigner a little more. A moment of knowledge and laugh, design, letters and friendship!

  • In this Design World, what do you enjoy or have enjoyed doing the most?
    T: I really enjoyed the music posters. It was the project I felt most related with because music is something I can’t live without, when doing my projects. It’s a real inspiration to me! Apart from projects, I like reading a lot about Typography, look into letters because it’s easier to draw new types when you get to know what already exists. 

    screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-18-13-19           Music Poster Project, by Tatiane
  • How do you get inspired or motivated, when feeling down?
    T: Music, as I said, it’s my inspiration. Specially if they are animated. There is this type of portuguese tradicional music called ‘Pimba’ and… believe me, it makes me laugh, it’s a joke! I like to listen to Amy Winehouse and the 80’s too, due to their type of graphics.

    Picture by Tatiane Rodrigues
  • How do you describe your style in Graphic Design? If you have one already..
    YEs! Simple style I would say… I love to simplify because I don’t think I have the skills for a detailed artwork. I like to let the design to flow; Apart from trying to do a lot in a project, I end up choosing the simplest one, right from the start. 

    12669702_10156715134605112_1184631295737680733_nPicture by Tatiane Rodrigues
  • Can you name me an artist that you really like or get inspired by?
    I don’t really have a favourite artist. I follow several and different ones on Instagram. They inspire me and get me motivated! 
  • What would be a dream project you could work on?
    T: Anything related to Typography! Work and renovate an already existent type of letters… 

    Picture by Tatiane Rodrigues

    Honestly, I (just) wish her the best. Thank you!

  • tatianegiustirodrigues@wordpress.com
  • Tatiane Rodrigues on Instagram

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