Back but, not alone _ ‘The BFG’

Hello and welcome back to this, still growing, blog of mine! 🙂


Yes, the (most enormes) Summer ended, and we are finally back to Uni! (well, a bit scary when I mention this to someone because then, I start thinking how time goes quick and that I am now in the 2nd Year of my Illustration course and that soon I will be saying  ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (again))

OMG, lets STOP there and get back to the real present, now.

So last Friday, me and Diana, a colleague from my course, had the pleasure to visit the House of Illustration. It was the first time I went there and I really liked it. As soon as you come in, there’s this lovely shop, where you can buy anything to yourself or even as a gift to someone! From illustrated objects, to books, to postcards and much more.


There were 3 exhibitions and we visited them all but I will be posting them separately. This one I’m going to speak about, in particular, was my favourite! And guess what? You could buy stuff from the shop with it’s illustrations!!!

‘The BFG in Pictures’

‘ An exhibition of never-before-seen Quentin Blake illustrations for Roald Dahl’s The BFG. Original illustrations from the published book, together with Blake’s first BFG illustrations that were never used. A fascinating insight into the collaboration between author and illustrator, and a BFG that might have been…’

There was this lovely room where you could find children siting around a table, accompanied with their parents, drawing Mr. BFG or, simply, colouring some already made, drawings.

A light place, full of light colours and soft painted illustrations. They look so simply drawn, however, the illustrations can be so precise… the composition, the proportions. This was my favourite exhibition because I could really adapt to this style and wished I could illustrate like that. Listening to parents, explaining each illustration to a son, it’s any illustrator’s dream!

A dream of being able to make children live in a fantasy place when looking to an illustration and adults smile as if they were kids again; Coming out from the box, forgetting about the real world. At least, for a bit.

I remembered too that ‘The BFG’ has recently come out to the Cinema! And, I can’t wait to see it!


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