‘ Ardizzone: A retrospective’

And the last, but not least exhibition, at the House of Illustration…

‘Ardizzone: A retrospective’ 


‘ The first major exhibition in 40 years of the work of Edward Ardizzone, one of the 20th century’s most significant and cherished illustrators. Over 100 pieces from public and private collections that reflect  the incredible diversity of his career, including original illustrations, paintings, sketchbooks, prints, posters and ceramics.(…)’

I could say that from the text above, there are two words that could describe, really, Ardizzone’s exhibition: Incredible DiversityThe exhibition was 3 or 4 times bigger than the others, such an amazing talent! Clearly, an artist that knew what he was doing… the line, the experience and the diversity of his work; the sense of humor too.


Illustrations that describe a daily life. Actually, the ones that have captured my interest the most were the ones he draw live, from pubs, streets, places with people. An exhibition of observational work!


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