A Studio_Lewis Heriz

So friday was Studio Culture Day! – Lewis Heriz


As we go through the several stations on the train (in groups so we don’t get lost), we leave on the Hackney Wick Station and turn right!
As surprised as it seems, as we are passing by the streets, while still in the train, some artistic painted walls start appearing and… if you think they are awesome, well, the buildings near this studio were massive and AMAZINGLY artistic!


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When reaching to a Non Exit street, and starting feeling we were LOST, Illustrator Lewis Heriz was right on the top of a building behind us, perched on the window, screaming the most nice ‘Hello there, there is a door just there, Please come up!’. Oh yes, we laughed pretty hard!

So, as we go up through the stairs, the building looks a bit strange, old, not charming and maybe even abandoned.



Lewis Heriz is an illustrator that has studied English yet works within illustration and graphic design. He mostly designs Record Covers, however, he is opened for more divers art work.


He is now dealing with a couple of projects, beyond his regular clients. A project for Dubai, is to be able to illustrate this massive wall, that along with particular materials and light, will reflect silhouettes.
Then, this logo for a coffee shop that I really enjoyed seeing the process and would love to have the opportunity of doing it somehow.

Heriz doesn’t have a personal logo and does not spend much or enough time on his websites like blog or Instagram. But if you spell his name out on google you will definitely find him online.


This studio is shared by 6 people e total and that will be the maximum number of people in there before they feel uncomfortable.

I thought the studio was a really unorganized organisation. I mean, for me it was a bit messy but I believe that the artists surely knew where there stuff were.
Heriz table was clearly the best; Not just because it was right next to the window, where all the light comes from, but also it had a massive inspirational wall. He had so much information, drawings, pc, wacom, collection of books from when he was in Argentina, and much more!

Visit, for more:



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