Map-like Narrative

When a map embodies a story, it's no longer only a map full of lines and
scribbles, that can take you into a journey or new places...

It’s a map-like narrative, it is a story, people and human behaviour, and as represented bellow, ‘Gelam Nguzu Kazi [Dugong My Son]’, by artist David Bosun, clearly show us a story of ‘a young man deserts his mother for having deceived him.’.

Several times, maps are clues helping readers catch up stories and even in some cultures, their history is remembered by their patterns that visually, end up being graphic elements that can be read like maps.

 ‘Gelam Nguzu Kazi [Dugong My Son]’, David Bosun

When placing and analysing the image, it makes me travel and dive into someone else’s life story, imagining the scene through the patterns and diagrams recorded alongside the animals and objects in this map.

It is obvious to me that this kind of maps, require a strong imagination too, besides knowledge. A rich design, as regards the number of lines, patterns and drawing involved in one piece only. To me, almost a painting, an artwork to admire, however a mysterious one as every painting that brings its story hidden but ready to be solved.


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