Riso Publication

Kirstin Helgadottir and Emily Evans where the ‘tutors’ on yesterday’s class. Kristin has presented a clear and short introduction so we could do it all in a day!

It was pretty rushing and a bit stressing too, but today I can see it in a different perspective. Perhaps because I have done a good rest and took a good nap already!

Going back to the real theme, we were split into 4 groups of +/- 1o people, we had to nominate editorials, art workers and In design workers into the group so we could be more organised and everything could go well and on time!

We got to do 3 folded A3 pages and 1 A4. Covers, titles and pictures of projects made by us have to be part of this leaflet.

In the afternoon, we got to present each work form each group to the others, getting feedback from everyone.


In the end we decide that each group did a pretty good job and the ideal for the final print is going to be a mixture from each group!




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