Collect, Analyse and (Re)Assemble_Project – the made of

A Collection of memories was my choice. Good memories because they are the ones making me happy. Memories so it could be personal, touched images and strong feelings.

Illustrating memories from photos, firstly in square shapes and, after a deeper research advised by our tutor Sara, round shape. The reason behind it: “Of all our senses, vision is the strongest and most influential in memory formation. ” –


People, objects in color but background in black and white. For me the importante of a memory is not so just the place but people that were with me in that moment or objects shared in it.

The made of the box / content where the memories would be placed; with the help of my assistant, my Dad:


Painting the box:


Soon, I will be posting a picture of the final piece for the presentation of this project.


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