Helga Steppan


A very enjoyable talk with the artist Helga Steppan. Someone that has to deal with dislexia and dyspraxia in life, however reflected in her artworks. And I really liked it…Perhaps that’s what makes her ideas and work so interesting, doing things that maybe others don’t even think about it, or don’t have the patient to do it!

Here are some works shown on the talk:

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And here are some notes I have:

  • ‘Understandings and findings from me and others.’
  • ‘Interaction and renovating design in Sweden.’
  • ‘Collecting images, selo-tape and stuff, putting it in order, in a specific way.’

Projects presented on the Talk:

  • ‘Mirror Me’;
  • ‘Parallellium’;
  • ‘Your spaces are my places too’;
  • ‘See Through – All may things’;
  • ‘My imaginary Friend’;
  • ‘Motown’;
  • Work in progress: ‘I can hear you, can you see me?’;

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