Collect, Analyse and (Re)Assemble – Talks


So, on Monday morning, we had a talk with Mathew, which is always great. We were shown some slides with examples of collections for our new project. Mathew has read a text written by a french writer John Perec, where he had collected and made notes about what he has eaten in the course of a year.

I have learned and heard some new words too:

‘Kitsch’: so bad taste that we love it. (Collections are, a lot, kitsch); ‘Inter-textual’: ideas that are often linked.

  • ‘ Your own body of work is a [growing] collection.’
  • ‘ Every desktop is a collection.’

For the afternoon task, Mathew has asked us to write and print some ideas for our new collection project. Stick it on the studio’s wall so Adrian could talk about some of the ideas written.


Beside that, Adrian has given us a Talk about Memories too; Long and short term. We have also talked  and seen videos from Chris Cunningham,a British video artist.



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