The Soundtrack of our lives Project; Presentation

Printed and on the wall, ready to present!

So this Monday, everyone came with their posters ready, however, because we are too many, we are not able to see everyone’s work and therefore, the class was split into 3 groups.

Each group had a tutor and this tutor would then give us a feedback, along with our colleagues, after the presentation group. In my group, Kiren and Adrian were the ‘critics’. Each student would present their own posters and I could see Kiren writing down some notes straight away so he would not forget what to ask and critic. After the presentation, my peers would ask and critic and then the tutors would give their opinions, which I found very helpful and quite a good new experience.

After our group presentation , we would then vote on the top 5 posters to be presented to the all class in the afternoon. I have really enjoyed this project and actually feel really proud with my final piece, however, I have got some more experiences to do after listening to all those opinions!


I really enjoyed seeing my colleagues’ work. I had quite a few favourite ones that will be mentioned on the next pictures:

This work was definitely one of my Top 5. Loved the quality of her work, being the original,  not digital (like almost all of them), its was pretty amazing, great talent!

I really like this one too, the colours and layers used look pretty great!

I really enjoyed her work too and the presentation even more! While presenting, she was serving tea and playing the music chosen. That pear and apple tea smell was amazing and I think she transmitted what she wanted with the context of the posters, a comfort zone!

Finally, these posters. In my opinion, he has his own and unique (beautiful) style, something that identifies him already!

A great day I confess…


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