Cover Club – Alison Fielding

‘London is a melting pot of creativity.’ – Alison Fielding


I am definitely coming back to see more like this! It was such a nice evening, spent with smart and fun people. A really great interview to Alison Fielding.

Here some annotations I made Alison said:

  • ‘Each project is very unique.’
  • ‘Two ways of clients: Clear idea or organic process’
  • ‘Small budget? Be creative!’
  • ‘It is quite challenging getting covers done without their music tracks ready, its like getting to know the artist without listening to their music.’
  • ‘I have got a lot of messy folders, I am such a colector, and keep going back to previous projects.’
  • ‘I prefer getting my hands dirty but I don’t really paint anymore.’
  • ‘ Be a pain! It’s always good to be an intern, be good and believe in yourself!’

I have actually just found a very good text about Alison, from ‘It’s nice that’. Have a look:




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