Drawing – Week 16 – Part II


Friday – Drawing with Michelle



Happily we had this Tube session, where we had to go through the Circle Line and draw, draw people, and this was while they were moving… In and out, sitting or standing, eating or sleeping.

It was a quite challenging session but I still love it, even though I normally do it on my way to Uni, this was a bit different because I was put into Group A, presenting the works at noon, I only had half an hour work to do.

I can say that when I go alone and do it because I want, I have my own time limit and thats when I leave the train, I can hide my book or pretend Im doing something else if people look at me or try to see what I’m doing.

In this drawing session I had people looking all the time and some, even hid from me when noticed I was drawing them. Some even thought I was when I was drawing someone else, and thats a funny situation. ‘Sorry, you are not that interesting. ‘, of course, I only thought that to myself.

Well, here are some drawings from one of my favourite workshops.





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