Drawing – Week 16 – Part I

Hello! Welcome! Lets do this, lets get the first 2016’s post, done!

Can I just tell you, how weird it was to be back? How fast Christmas and New Year has passed? Am I the only one feeling like this?!

Alright, so its Monday, (almost) everyone is back and we start the day in our studio, getting things updated with Sara, as normal…and then, the core rotation workshop, the last one, before the interim review.


Drawing with Orly – We were given a brief, ‘ If Buildings Could Talk’. It was a really independent day and we were given 2 tasks.

Firstly, we had to walk around (our) building, explore it and ‘mark’ 5 different parts of the building, obviously, drawing.

Here are the 5 images I produced, by order:






Secondly, the production of a Poster, using one of the images. from task A, along with some typography, letting the building talk.


1254611  1_10208320135831754_339202382_o

And finally, instilling the poster in the chosen site and photographing it!

thumb_20160111_143157_1 024




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