The PechaKucha Show


Still on week 12, on Friday, we have started the Pecha Kulcha presentations, and, to be honest, our (Level 4) presentation was the best!

It was well prepared, quite enjoyable, you could listen the presentation, clearly and it was even funny. Thanks to Carlos and Cameron.

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To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the day. I was expecting a much more independent and fun day, where each student would go to each studio, on their own, enjoy each other’s works and socialize, however, some presentations were way too long and as I mentioned, our’s was the best. I am not saying it was not interesting, it was! but mostly, you could not hear properly or it was becoming as bit boring for being too much.

Even though we finished the presentations after lunch time, I have decided to visit the studios with Tatiane and then other colleagues came along. Here are some pictures of projects I really enjoyed.

In the end there was a (little) party.


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