PechaKucha – Week 12


Monday and the last week before holidays!

We have started the day by watching some examples of ” PechaKucha” (a presentation made by slideshows of 20 slides, for 20 seconds) and that’s what we are going to be presenting on Friday! I believe it is going to be a really interesting day because we are going to have the possibility of going to Level 5 and 6 studios to see their works, and vice versa.


Before lunch, we spread all our works from all the workshops done so then it could be voted to be presented through a “PechaKucha” on Friday.

After lunch and after voting, as Sara counted the votes, I was quite proud to see that two of my works were chosen, and that, gives me motivation to keep working!

However, all the other works are going to be fixed on the walls, so everyone can see! So, we divided the works by workshop and start fixing them!

We were also photographed along with our favourite piece of work.



All set for friday!


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