Critical Design Thinking – Week 11 – Part I

So, its Monday and we are back to our ‘routine’ in the core Workshops, but wait, it’s our last rotation, before Christmas!!!

I can’t deny, I love Christmas and I am really looking forward to it, but… Lets go back to our workshop post.

Critical Design Thinking with Sara Carneholm (our Tutor) – at the beginning, it was, in my opinion, the most intensive workshop.

(Morning) – We have started by watching some slides, understanding what is and how to ‘use’ the term Critical Design Thinking, what is the context and the reasons behind a Design Project. We also went through the six pillars of Design Philosophy.

Then, we were given a brief with several questions and got to choose 5 of them where we had to illustrate the answers. It was quite hard and it looked like my brain was dead but slowly I started sketching and at home, I finally did it and really enjoyed illustrating.

These were the questions I have chosen and here are the illustrated answers:


(Afternoon) – We went to the Design Museum and I really enjoyed it. Got to walk for a bit with the girls, and found the Musuem pretty amazing but the shop, oh my, the shop was gorgeous and I wanted to buy everything!


While visiting the Museum, the questions analysed in the morning would now make much more sense. ( pictures from the Museum will be posted soon)


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