Cheers to a new experience!

Ok, so where do I start?


Last week, Sara (our Tutor) came up to me and ask me to participate on something that I have never done. I was pretty scared, happy, nervous, anxious, I don’t even know… however, I was a bit more calm when she said I would go along with some other couple of students.

Basically, me, Cameron and Jacob met Sara in Golders Green, on Friday (11/12/2015) at 13.45h. As soon as I came off from the bus and saw them, I screamed: ” OMG I am feeling soo sick!”, I was! I was soo nervous!

But, oh well, we went for a (good) walk and got to a College! ‘King Alfred School’, we went their to present ourselves and our works to a class of Art & Design students. Sara started by presenting ‘The Cass’ and then us. It was pretty awesome because we got to show our work to them, some students were even making some questions which makes you think they were interested and really into it!

It was a great experience and even thought it can be scary, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get. It’s like our review weeks, but to people we have never seen and without feedbacks, at that moment, we are the ‘Boss’ and they are only interested in the works you are showing!


After that we had to do ‘Cheers’ to us and thank Sara for the invitation! 🙂


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