Review Week – Week 10 -Monday


So this week, was the second time we went through the Review Week; it was much smoother than the first, which is pretty normal because the more we do it, the more comfortable we will feel with each other, I guess…


I thought Monday was pretty tiring or maybe,  I was just ill, however it was really enjoyable to have a look at all works made this past 3 weeks workshops and there was such amazing work. Here are some pictures I took while people were presenting. I will be naming some in particular which, in my opinion, were the best.

Group 1:

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My favourite work into this first group was Sasha’s. I am a big fan of black and white, of contrast and light and she clearly played around with these elements and I love the effect of crystal or glass in the buildings. (I am sorry for the quality of the picture.)


Group 2:

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I was part of these group, the works showing ‘VIDA’ were mine. Tatiane started to present all the works and then each one would talk about it in a more detail way.

Group 3:

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I really like the work “Too many ideas not enough time”, it can be a way of representing our Workshop weeks and the way she (Victoria) played with the transparence, using two different colours ( black and red), having the black colour represented as a shadow.


Group 4:

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Group 5:

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I thought they had the funniest masks from the Mark Making ( Monday ) Workshop!

Group 6:

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Lovely Typography research, made by Diane Gile !

In the afternoon, we saw some animations made from the Animation Workshop.


The End 😉



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