Animation – Week 8

Animation with Kieron – To be honest, I was not so confident about this workshop. Actually, I was feeling quite negative about it!

Maybe because I have never done anything like this or because, I clearly knew its something that requires a lot of effort and time, which I don’t think we have. A project each week it’s really intense but I am not complaining, I am loving it and feel really proud with what I have been achieving every week!


So, we have started on Monday, by watching some animations Kieron has carefully chosen so we could start understanding and got some inspiration from it. Understanding that a good animation has to be done within a Production Value and Art Direction. 

Then, we got to see how to do a stop motion animation in a really fun and quick way where 4 students would move this colourful cut-out circles in a specific way and the result was pretty awesome!





After lunch, we have done the Storyboard and then discuss it along with Kieron to check how and if would be possible to do it.

Thursday we had to bring to class at least 8 frames/drawings, present them and listen to what could be done better or in a different way.




I came with a final result, basically I did all my animation about a flower who would then turn into a bird. It was a pretty good feeling seeing everything together and moving, like giving life to something that in real life, doest not move. Its amazing!




However, I am going to re-do my animation, a decision made along with Kieron’s help and constructive critics.

Soon, I will be posting some animations we have watched; Stay Tuned!!


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