Mark Making – Week 7 [Thursday]

Mark making with Michelle – so on Thursday, still on Mark making, we had a kind of surprise.  I believe no-one was expecting a different person to gives us the same sort of class. But, oh well, it was a great and ‘worth it’ day!

‘Translate what you see through your hands in different kinds of surface experimenting different kinds of techniques.’

We have started by watching some images as examples of Mark making, along with the description of what this kind of expression is and how it can be produced into many different ways.  I have learned two (opposite) ways of doing Mark making:



  • Addictive Mark making ( exercises experienced on Monday )
  • Reductive Mark making ( what we were going to experiment )

Basically we were taking material away / cutting away the space, doing different techniques from mono print to masking. Masking tape for example, is used to do straight and/or parallel lines.

Then, each of us had to choose a space near the window, be amazed and inspired by our studio’s view and sketch what we were seeing.


20151112_111946 20151112_111943

From the sketch we had to try different techniques while repeating the same and be ready to present at least 5 final experiences. Taking a break to think about them and be able to choose what for us would be the most interesting one, so we could work on it again and finalise our poster, from our view.












When finished the work, we had to clean the acrylic, and while the water ran through, I thought it was interesting to see that the ink was gone but not the sketch.


I can say it was one of my favourite classes so far and it was really enjoyable trying so many different techniques is such a short time.


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