Mark Making – Week 7 [Monday]


Mark making with Orly Orbach – so this week I was completely blank on what I was going to do, and allow me to say that something unexpected happened this Monday.

Still with the tiredness or laziness of the weekend, Mondays are really hard to get start with, but when there is people that inspire us or know how to deal with us, I find that great! And Orly, was one of them.

Monday morning and everyone was quite sleepy, no-one would say a word, but soon me and my class mates were changed, excited, playing and drawing! According to Orly, theatre and mark making are things that connect with each other, and as she says, in a brilliant way!

So we have started the very interesting, different and interactive class, where everyone would go through various activities, some would even bring childhood memories…

20151113_172601 20151113_172540

  • Three legged race in the corridor, a moment of pure laugh;- as soon as the race finish, we would go to our studio and ‘mark’, by drawing, our experienced feelings, thoughts or what we have watched while other people did the race.
  • 3 people and a carried chair where a light person would sit in the chair and 2 other people would carry it, still an action being drawn at that moment;
  • Races with a football,
    where most of us were drawing while standing using a fast mark making technique while the action was happening;
  • Strange to normal styles of walks, one at the time, while everyone else was drawing, capturing postures and movements.

20151113_172411 20151113_172356


All this using different surfaces and techniques!

Monday afternoon – Ex.1 – divided into pairs, one person would close their eyes and be a sculpture while the other would put them in a certain pose,  the person being the sculpture had then to say how he\she was felling, without opening their eyes. We then had to draw the feelings captured when being the sculpture or the other.




Ex.2 – Divided into groups of four, we had to pose, two at the time, creating scenes, while the other two drew it, rotating the group every minute.


Ex.3 – Divided into pairs, again, now was the time to create a mask, using different materials. Once finished, we turned back into our groups of four, repeating the exercise I mentioned before, however, now using the masks.


20151109_140909  20151109_143529










Busy fun day!


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