Anna Bruder









This is Anna, a theatre designer and illustrator.

Anna’s work is much related to young people, and because it’s an amazing combination of art work with theatre, it captivates parents and elders too. As she said, “really cool teens may not like my work very much”.

In a very funny and interactive art work she does, along with two other artists, where she pretends being the head chef of a restaurant, they have made over 200 pieces of art work per day… and in the “florist art work” made over 2000 flowers!

Her work is almost a graffiti for kids, with simple line and symbols and that’s why kids respond.

‘Over the last three years Anna Bruder has been working on her design concept A Line Art.

A Line Art is a design style that will take you back to a childlike state of mind by transforming the original interior into a solely black and white illustrated world. Thick black marker pen out lines, set against a white backdrop, illustrate Anna’s world of naïvety, described as a humorous and clever representation of domesticity and everyday life.’

Anna Bruder’s philosophy is that she can’t work in a messy place, although it might be messy for someone else, she likes it clean. And of course, she has to have a sweet at the end of the day.


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